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The Best Elvis Actors, Ranked
15. Blake Rayne
Rayne won an Elvis impersonator contest that led to a career as a professional impersonator and eventually a role in 2014’s “The Identical,” where he played ersatz Elvis “Drexel Hemsley.” While having one of the best Elvis looks in the industry, Rayne couldn’t save “The Identical” from an abysmal 6% Rotten Tomatoes rating.
14. Don Johnson
In the television movie "Elvis and the Beauty Queen," Johnson is in full Elvis parody mode, as the audience sees him wearing the rhinestone suit in his hotel room. While more camp than authentic, his performance is quite entertaining and hilarious if not taken too seriously.
13. John Stamos
As a huge Elvis fan, Stamos incorporated many aspects of the icon into Uncle Jesse on “Full House,” including his costumes and mannerisms. While Stamos has not yet performed “Elvis the Man,” he portrayed an impersonator in the “Full House” episode, “Mad Money,” and introduced many ‘90s kids to Elvis’ music through the show.
12. Tyler Hilton
Hilton wonderfully portrays the boyish and optimistic Elvis that is just starting out his career in “Walk the Line.” While his role isn’t large, the singer-songwriter sings all of Elvis’ songs for the film in a manner that perfectly balances his own singing voice with Elvis’ signature sound.
11. Jack White
The lead singer of The White Stripes is of course not an actor, but he nails his small role in “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” and is arguably one of the best parts of the movie. While he plays Elvis as a fun parody rather than going for authenticity, it’s from a place of love, as White is a fan of Elvis.