Canadian actor William Shatner, best known for playing the role of Captain Kirk in the Star Trek sci-fi universe. Circa 1980 (Archivio Apg/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)
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The Best Crossovers In Sci-Fi Movie History
LEGO Batman Movie
LEGO Batman unexpectedly faces the Daleks from "Doctor Who," but the mutants never get a good head-to-head battle with him, as they're part of a larger horde of villains. Many fans consider this the best Batman movie — and the only one where all previous Batman continuity counts.
Chip 'n Dale
Like "The LEGO Batman Movie," "Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers" is more of a great movie with crossovers in it, but it’s intentionally a multiversal crossover. While many of the other characters are Disney cartoons, the presence of He-Man and Skeletor, and Marvel's Tigra, make this a sci-fi crossover.
Ready Player One
Directed by Steven Spielberg and based on Ernest Cline’s futuristic novel, the film follows ‘80s film lover Wade. While Spielberg critiques the obsession with and misappropriation of IP in favor of living in the real world, it’s clear that a little pop culture crossover indulgence is just fine.
Avengers: Infinity War
"Infinity War" brings in the Guardians of the Galaxy, who existed entirely separately prior with post-credits teases specifically referencing their corner of the universe rather than any of the Avengers. When the Guardians find Thor, it's a big deal, and the film’s conclusion remains a baller move by Marvel's Kevin Feige.
Spider-Man: No Way Home
By bringing in two previous, and previously unconnected, "Spider-Man" film series, "No Way Home" has a whole new emotional impact as fan-favorite versions of the characters and their respective villains are reintroduced. Marvel and Sony fully embraced the Multiverse, and proved that a boldly capitalistic move can pay off.