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The Best Anime Of The Fall 2022 Season
Chainsaw Man
There were many big premieres in 2022, but arguably no anime was as eagerly awaited as "Chainsaw Man," Studio MAPPA's adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto's manga. The anime is irreverent, hilarious, and full of exciting and rather gory action, but what truly makes this stand out is its sense of cinematic visuals and approach to emotion.
The Witch from Mercury
"Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury" is one of the best and boldest outings of the "Gundam" franchise and the first one featuring a female protagonist. It's a massively entertaining show with fantastic 2D-animated robots, an endearing coming-of-age tale, and one of the most high-profile queer anime of 2022.
My Hero Academia
Season 6 is essentially the "My Hero Academia" equivalent of "Avengers: Infinity War," with the whole pro-hero community coming together for an all-out assault on the headquarters of the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army. The stakes are higher than ever, and the tone is darker and maturer, making the anime a must-watch show again.
Mob Psycho 100 III
The material covered by "Mob Psycho 100 III" is weaker than the previous seasons; it's more a collection of side stories than a big climax. The weaker episodes of "III" feel more of the same (which is to say: very good), but the highlights, such as Episode 8's walk in the woods, are among the best in the whole series.
Bocchi the Rock!
The anime is a non-stop barrage of visual jokes, exaggerated character animation, and references to real-life bands, and it became one of the biggest sleeper hits of fall 2022. The protagonist's growth from a maladjusted high schooler to a steadfast guitarist ensures the series works as an effective coming-of-age drama, as well as a Trojan horse for weird animation.