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The Best Adult Animation Of 2022
Following the story of caveman Spear and his T-Rex companion Fang on the verge of extinction, “Primal” gives equal doses of violence, heartache, and surprisingly, hope. The show effectively examines the moral complexities that characterize different cultures as Spear wonders what it means to be a Neanderthal in the face of the overwhelming force of civilization.
The House
“The House” is a three-part horror anthology that explores the families that live in a single house from the 1800s to the 21st century to the apocalyptic future. With the gloomy grace of Edgar Allan Poe's stories, "The House" uses material obsession to unify its three sections, and despite furry puppet protagonists, the show conveys a searing humanity.
Combining rock-and-roll and feudal Japan, “Inu-Oh,” tells the story of blind biwa player Tomaori and a deformed dancer as they master their respective arts much to the displeasure of the ruling shoguns. With electric musical compositions from Otomo Yoshihide, wild stagecraft imagery from Masaaki Yuasa, and unfettered vocals from Avu-chan, “Inu-Oh” is a work of art.
Close Enough
A refreshingly cheeky take on traditional family sitcoms, “Close Enough” tells the story of millennial parents Josh and Emily, their gremlin daughter, their divorced roommates who used to be married to each other along, and their eccentric landlords. The show takes hilarious plunges into the surreal while reflecting today's socioeconomic reality.
Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
Set in a neo-noir future where crime runs rampant, young punk David Martinez tries to make in the world after his mom is killed in a drive-by shooting, so when he gets his hands on a rare cybernetic implant, he has it bonded to his body and starts a criminal career. Yet, there’s a psychological price, and it’s only a matter of time before David goes “cyber-psycho.”