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The Best Action Movies Of 2022, Ranked
15. Day Shift
"Day Shift" — J.J. Perry's directorial debut starring Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco — is a gory, giddy romp through the San Fernando Valley. Perry's history as a stuntman and martial artist is the saving grace of the film, as the action is immaculately staged and shot with audiences in mind, and his contortionist vampires are incredibly fun to watch.
14. Ambulance
"Ambulance" is essentially three action films walloped into one bombastic extravaganza — it features a heist, long car chase sequences, and several shoot-outs and detours littering the protagonists' getaway path. Bonkers camerawork, the swerving expository sequences, and Jake Gyllenhaal's hilarious scenery-chewing make this film a fun watch.
13. Violent Night
"Violent Night" takes a page from the most famous Christmas flicks around, resulting in the kind of amalgamation that only David Harbour could effectively hold together. As Santa, he brings his trademark vulnerability and ferocity to the role, while holiday hijinks, irreverent laughs, and blood-soaked brawls make it an interesting watch.
12. Bullet Train
Ladybug (Brad Pitt) is an unlucky assassin determined to do a better job after the last few gigs have gone awry; however, his latest mission pits him against many lethal adversaries. There's a lot to like in David Leitch's latest film: a competent cast, stellar chemistry between them, and some close quarters combat.
11. Saloum
It's not easy to pin "Saloum" neatly into one genre or another, as it borrows from so many: the gritty Western, the paranormal scope of horror, and pulpy, off-beat action. The film is just 80 minutes long, but there's always something around the corner, and while director Jean Luc Herbulot's ambitions may overrun the movie in some areas, it's still well worth a watch.