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The 5 Best Escape Room Horror Movies
Escape Room
With traps including an oven room, an icy lakeside cabin, and a grungy hospital, “Escape Room” follows six strangers who solve puzzles to escape room after room of physical and psychological torture, losing party members in the process. The survivors from this film also make it to the sequel “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions.”
“Cube” follows a bunch of strangers who wake up in a large cubic structure that is connected to a network of rooms, which may be rigged with flamethrowers, razor-thin wire grids, or corrosive acid. The film follows their efforts to escape, while depicting the volatility of human trust, aggression, and the curiosity about who is behind the cast's plight.
House on Haunted Hill
Set in a haunted cliffside mansion where players must survive for one night to obtain a million-dollar reward, "House on Haunted Hill" is a go-to title for horror fans. The root of the titular mansion's paranormal qualities differ depending on whether you watch the 1959 original "House on Haunted Hill" or the 1999 remake.
No Escape Room
“No Escape Room” follows a father-daughter duo who, after a botched bonding trip, decide to try a local escape room game, which ends up being a Gothic nightmare full of worms on telephones and crusty corpses. Rather than having a solid physical threat, this film has a paranormal angle that loosens its victims' grip on reality.
Nine Dead
Much like the “Saw” movies, where each cast of victims are connected by a common sin, “Nine Dead” follows nine strangers who wake up trapped in a room and are told that one of them will be killed every ten minutes until they figure out why they've been captured. The victims then embark on a horrific journey filled with tension and secrets.