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The 30 Best Episodes Of The Office, Ranked
30. Women's Appreciation
One of the many standout episodes in Season 3, but the highlight is that we get to leave the confines of the office for a day trip to Steamtown Mall. We also get the comedy gold of Angela revealing that she regularly buys outfits made for large colonial dolls and the first hilariously detailed account of the nightmare that is Jan and Michael’s intimate relationship.
29. The Dundies
The Season 2 premiere gives us a new and improved Michael, as we see a vulnerable and likable side to the abrasive, unctuous jerk we met in Season 1. Aside from the killer comedic beats, we get the surprising development of his employees rallying around him when he’s heckled by a customer, ensuring that even the TV viewers could feel God in Chili’s that night.
28. Booze Cruise
The Scranton branch is off on a booze cruise... in January, for an episode that packs as much plot development as it does hilarity. One of the highlights is the Pam and Jim boat deck scene that makes the viewer feel like they’ve stumbled upon a moment they shouldn’t be watching and though sparsely worded somehow manages to say everything.
27. The Injury
The episode begins with Michael calling the office to report that he has been badly burned after stepping on a George Foreman grill and one of the most ridiculous set-ups imaginable makes way for a classic episode. The writers are master storytellers, and what feels like an episode about Michael is actually an opportunity to humanize Dwight.
26. The Client
This episode not only introduces us to the competent side of Michael Scott, but it culminates in a kiss between Jan and Michael, setting up one of the most chaotic romantic relationships in TV history. Not to mention the pitch-perfect B-story, which finds the rest of the office uncovering Michael's movie script, "Threat Level Midnight."