LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 12:  Sir Michael Caine attends the World Premiere of 'King Of Thieves' at Vue West End on September 12, 2018 in London, England.  (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)
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The 23 Best Michael Caine Movies Ranked
23. Harry Brown
Michael Caine is a well-rounded movie star, and in this personal project, he plays the title character, a pensioner who embarks on revenge after a gang of youths murder his friend. Caine is genuinely scary in certain scenes, but as ever with him, the human moments make this work.
22. Zulu
This film introduced a new side of Caine, as he played Gonville Bromhead, an upper-class officer who clashes with engineer John Chard over the organization of the British defenses. Caine hated his performance, but viewed today, his character is surprisingly nuanced.
21. Pulp
In this parody of detective stories, Caine portrays a hapless pulp fiction author who finds himself drawn into a real-life crime story. Caine is great in this role that is both comic and dramatic, as he's incredibly easy-going about the murders all around him.
20. Sleuth
Although the labyrinthine plot in “Sleuth” can get a little silly in places, Caine is incredibly strong as the confident hairdresser who is more than a match for the upper-class Lawrence Olivier. The scene in which Caine begs for his life is raw, emotional, and a jarring dose of reality in this otherwise witty comedy.
19. Quiet American
In "The Quiet American," Caine plays a British journalist covering the French war in Vietnam months before America's involvement, who finds himself caught up in a love triangle. Caine is brilliant, giving an understated performance that balances his love for his young mistress with his cynicism about the war.