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The 23 Best Heist Movies Of All Time
Le Cercle Rouge
"Le Cercle Rouge" features Alain Delon as a newly released felon, who — after planning a new heist — is pursued by detective Andre Bourvil. Apart from its 20-minute heist sequence, what makes this film great is its ending, which washes away the audience’s preconceptions about the mythic romantic criminal who goes big on honor and loyalty.
Dead Presidents
Telling the story of protagonist Anthony and what led up to his involvement in a heist, “Dead Presidents” delves into the poor treatment faced by Vietnam veterans and the difficulties they had rejoining society. With an assortment of colorful characters and moving performances, the film continues to be an angry indictment of society’s treatment of veterans.
As one of the most influential crime thrillers ever made, “Heat” follows Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in a game of cat and mouse that lasts the whole film and leads to the central heist scene and shoot-out (which used actual gunshot sounds recorded on set). The film has had an immeasurable impact on modern cinema, influencing films like “The Dark Knight.”
Hell or High Water
“Hell or High Water” follows brothers Toby and Tanner (Chris Pine and Ben Foster), who commit a series of bank heists as vengeance for their mother’s suffering, while being chased. Foster steals the film with his fearless portrayal of Tanner, while Pine gives a measured performance that’s quite different from his usual cocky on-screen persona.
Reservoir Dogs
As one of the most iconic heist movies of all time, "Reservoir Dogs" manages to use dialogue, non-linear narrative structure, and smart flashbacks to convey the preparation and chaotic aftermath of a heist — without actually showing it. Thanks to Quentin Tarantino’s incredibly mature storytelling abilities, “Reservoir Dogs” is still one of his most influential films.