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The 22 Best Lovecraftian Movies Of All Time
“Re-Animator” was based on a novella series Lovecraft wrote in 1922, which wasn’t received too well at the time. The film supersedes its written origins and is loaded with gore, although there are a few cheesy comedic moments that make the movie strangely, delightfully scary.
Color Out Of Space
The purple haze permeating everything in “The Color Out Of Space” creates an eerily beautiful vibe in this sci-fi horror film starring Nicholas Cage. The movie cleverly combats Lovecraft’s racism and creates a tense slow-burn effect by saving the spooks for later in the movie.
“Prometheus” capitalizes on the uncanny valley by exploring the relationship between man and humanoid, terrifying audiences with the fear of the unknown. “Prometheus” is part of the “Alien” franchise and will keep you awake at night with the same disturbing tone from the first film.
Mouth Of Madness
Novelist Sutter Cane falls victim to his ghastly creations in “In The Mouth of Madness” when his monsters become a reality. Cane experiences every writer's worst nightmare as his twisted imagination traps protagonist Sam Neill in a false reality that strips him of his sanity.
“Annihilation” takes Natalie Portman’s character Lena on a dangerous expedition to study a shimmering entity. Lena ultimately gets what she wants at the end of the film, but an unsettling lack of answers opens the door for haunting speculations.