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The 22 Best Characters In Justified Ranked
22. Daryl Crowe Jr.
Crowe was probably the show’s most hateful villain, as he preached about the importance of family, but then used them to get away with his criminal activities. He relied on his lawyer sister, Wendy, to get him out of trouble, but then crossed the ultimate line when he had his nephew take the fall for a shooting that he committed.
21. Ty Walker
Season 6 had too many uninteresting villains, except for the compelling and skilled Walker. He drew sympathy when Avery Markham turned on him and he tried to dislodge a bullet from his own shoulder at a service station, but that feeling immediately disappeared when he brutally killed the paramedics who were trying to cash in on his capture.
20. Bob Sweeney
While Sweeney could have been simply comic relief, Patton Oswalt played him with both endearment and vulnerability. On one hand, he said lines like "I got a badge and balls like Death Stars," and on the other hand, he showed tremendous bravery after being tortured for information by the Dixie Mafia — eventually escaping them.
19. Rachel Brooks
Playing the most mature, professional character in the Harlan Marshal's Office didn’t allow Erica Tazel to show a lot of dynamism, but she ran with the opportunity when she went after her sister’s killer. Viewers wanted more of her personal story, but they were happy to hear that she was promoted and transferred in the finale.
18. Colton Rhodes
While Boyd Crowder’s henchmen were mainly unskilled, disloyal, or boring, Rhodes was memorable for his competence and humor. Viewers watched him fail to murder Ellen May and relapse into heroin addiction, and he also used his military experience to try and outwit Tim Gutterson in one of the best episodes.