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The 2022 Emmys Ignored The Best Miniseries Of Last Year
Biopics seem to have dominated the nominations in the Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series category, with “The White Lotus” being the exception to this trend. However, the Television Academy failed to recognize one of the greatest miniseries to come out in 2021 when they chose not to nominate the popular Netflix original limited series, “Midnight Mass.”
Mike Flanagan's magnum opus is a terrifying and emotional horror series that sees Riley Flynn returning to his home at Crockett Island after being released from prison. When the mysterious and charismatic Father Paul arrives to fill in for the town's longtime clergyman, the island begins to experience a welcomed revival that hides a sinister threat.
The show’s setting is an isolated and sparsely populated island that brings the audience in for a closer, more intimate view of the events as the devastating story unfolds and the town faces its tragic downfall. Humanity is the central theme of “Midnight Mass” as it explores how faith can enrich and corrupt those around us and how we cannot let false prophets lead our lives.
Award ceremony members might argue that the exclusion of “Midnight Mass” comes down to it being a horror series, but other shows in the genre like “Squid Game” and “Yellowjackets” received multiple Emmy nominations. Flanagan has gone on record expressing how much this project has meant to him — one can tell by viewing the show how much passion and work went into it.