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The 20 Best Wedding Movies, Ranked
20. 27 Dresses
“27 Dresses” is as predictable as it is schmaltzy and follows all of the clichéd rom-com tropes with a slight eye roll. However, because of its undying commitment to the formula, the film perfectly embodies an early '00s wedding movie: corny dialog, convenient circumstances, Katherine Heigl, and New York City.
19. Bride Wars
The nonsensical chaos that arises from such an auspicious event is unashamedly depicted in “Bride Wars,” but it hasn't aged well since its release in 2000. While the film plays everything to an extreme, it does have a pulse on how weddings have evolved from loving celebrations to days of superficial one-upmanship.
18. THE Wedding Planner
At its heart, “The Wedding Planner” is a simple story about star-crossed lovers whose timing is just a bit off, as the budding romance between Mary and Steve is cut short when Mary learns that Steve is one-half of her newest client-couple. It has some wonderful wedding scenes as well, including the fantastical opening sequence.
17. The Proposal
The formula doesn't stretch much in “The Proposal,” but the chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds is palpable. It's a testament to Reynolds and Bullock's comedic chops that they're able to create entertaining moments and anchor the film even when it's a bit rudderless due to its weak script.
16. I Love You, Man
Paul Rudd and Jason Segel make for a hilarious odd couple in “I Love You, Man,” and the camaraderie between the two actors is magnetic. Rudd, in particular, delivers a heartfelt performance that balances his natural comedic sensibilities with the charming leading man qualities audiences have loved since “Clueless.”