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The 20 Best South Park Characters, Ranked
20. PC Principal
"South Park" has a knack for creating one-joke characters that acquire surprising amounts of depth, and PC Principal is one really good joke. Making him the opposite of who you would expect to champion trigger warnings and safe spaces brilliantly places the joke on the character, rather than belittling the issues that political correctness attempts to address.
19. Nathan
Nathan adds diversity by depicting a character with Down's syndrome, monumentally underrepresented in animation, without propagating negative stereotypes. Nathan not only proves to be one of the most resilient characters but the fact that he’s an evil genius blasts apart stereotypes in a unique and memorable way.
18. Hand Puppet J.Lo
Back when “Gigli” was dropping a Mr. Hankey at the box office, Cartman created a crudely drawn hand puppet of Jennifer Lopez. The wildly off-base puppet, rooted in Mexican stereotypes (J.Lo is Puerto Rican), becomes even more intriguing once it starts to act independently of Cartman, and later claims to be a con artist named Mitch Conner.
17. Chef
Chef, perfectly voiced by Issac Hayes, always had an inappropriate inspirational song or a positive outlook to help mentor the boys. Sadly, the Church of Scientology, purportedly acting on Hayes' behalf, declared his resignation from the show after the episode "Trapped in the Closet," which mocked the church and its star celebrity, Tom Cruise.
16. Mr. Slave
At first, Mr. Slave seemed like a cheap, one-note character but he would turn out to contain many depths, both figuratively and literally. While he engages in every kink imaginable, he also speaks out against sexualizing children and is vocally in favor of informed consent.