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The 20 Best Rick And Morty Episodes, Ranked
20. The Ricks Must Be Crazy
When the batteries in Rick’s ship phase out, the audience learns that inside the battery is a mini-verse whose denizens power it through physical labor. “The Ricks Must Be Crazy” finds Rick challenged by a loss of control as a mini-verse scientist replicates Rick’s idea and now powers his own battery with another mini-verse.
19. One Crew...
Tapping into the best parts of heist movies, “One Crew over the Crewcoo’s Morty” blends the genre with the show’s unique brand of zaniness as Rick plans the perfect heist. When Rick’s Heist-o-Tron begins to over-heist, he and Morty must outwit the device in a fun episode that understands that atmosphere matters more than judging the genre’s tropes.
18. Mortyplicity
“Mortyplicity” reveals that Rick has built a decoy family, but these decoys have their own decoys, which in turn have their own, etc., leaving each character to believe they are the “real” version. This situation leads to a blood bath and entertaining moments, but knowing that writers won’t kill the real Rick and Morty weakens the episode’s excitement.
17. Lawnmower Dog
Offering several complicated solutions, Rick tries to improve Morty’s math grade through an “Inception” inspired plan and solve the family dog’s peeing issue in “Lawnmower Dog.” This early episode epitomizes the show’s ability to deliver sci-fi concepts that offer robust rules that are easy to comprehend while still allowing it to showcase its wild creativity.
16. Rixty Minutes
After Rick introduces the Smiths to Interdimensional Cable, the viewers are treated to the animators’ nonsensical imaginations through the outrageous shows and commercials seen on TV. The improvised nature of “Rixty Minutes,” which had Justin Roiland laughing at his own lines, has been challenging to apply to later anthology episodes.