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The 20 Best Movies About Being Single, Ranked
20. Birds of Prey
If "Suicide Squad" inadvertently celebrated toxic masculinity, "Birds of Prey" celebrates a woman's choice and female friendship. Harley realizes that the Joker was leading her along, breaks up with him, and finds newfound confidence by being single — the film shows that she doesn't need a romantic partner to be happy.
19. Superbad
Evan and Seth feel that because they do not have girlfriends, they are somehow "missing out" on the best years of their lives, only to realize that they never needed a relationship to make their high school experience "worth it." The film is a favorite among millennials because it shows the stigma of being single in high school.
18. Promising Woman
"Promising Young Woman" follows former medical student Cassie Thomas, once an extraordinary student, as she struggles after her best friend, Nina Fisher, was sexually assaulted. The film shows that women should be proud of being single and not settle for men who claim to have "redeemed" themselves.
17. Clueless
"Clueless" ranks lower because it ends with a relationship, but there's so much fun revolving around Cher Horowitz's independence that it had to make the list. Plus, the film doesn’t force Horowitz to give up her life as a single woman, but it allows her to experience happiness steadily and realize true love was right in front of her.
16. Heathers
"Heathers" follows Veronica Sawyer and J.D. Dean who, for different reasons, have chosen to remain single for the time being. The film is an incendiary satire of other teen films and shows why being single and making their own decisions is important for young people — but ranks lower due to some sexism that hasn’t aged well.