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The 20 Best Legal Thrillers In Cinema History
The Devil’s Advocate
"The Devil's Advocate" leans into its own theatrical wildness creating a bombastic film that is a hell of a lot o fun. Al Pacino takes his paycheck and gives back everything he can possibly offer and Charlize Theron shines in a remarkable and haunting early role.
To Kill A Mockingbird
Based on Harper Lee's 1960 novel of the same name, it's initially fair to nick Gregory Peck's iconic outing as Atticus Finch as just another example of the white savior trope. But by the end of this heartbreaking story, Finch and his family have faced real peril — all for the crime of trying to teach these small-minded white men that Black lives, and the truth, matter.
My Cousin Vinny
The charm of this film is that it is simultaneously a hilarious comedy and a taut legal thriller that will leave you cracking up on the edge of your seat. It also showcased the epic versatility of Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei who both turn in legendary performances.
The Firm
John Grisham knows how to sell the sizzle, and his second novel, "The Firm," became a Tom Cruise-led blockbuster in 1993. Cruise sold idealism and cynicism in equal measure as the main protagonist Mitch McDeere and was supported by a rock-solid supporting cast that included Gene Hackman.
Primal Fear
Although this was supposed to be a vehicle for Richard Gere, his strong performance was immediately sidelined by his powerhouse costar Edward Norton, (a completely unknown actor at the time.) A mix of scenery-chomping destruction and pure, furious acting, the finale between the two is a showstopper and reason enough to watch this gripping and shocking thriller.