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The 20 Best Family Board Games Ranked
20. Just One
Designed for three to seven players, this game is played across 13 rounds, with the gameplay consisting of one player being given a secret word and then writing down a single word as the clue for the guesser of that round. The average time to play a full game is about 20 minutes, but your family will likely end up playing multiple games for hours.
19. Do You Really?
In “Do You Really Know Your Family?” each player picks a card and follows the rules written on it, with two possible types of cards: Trivia Cards and Challenge Cards. While, technically, the mission is to win the card based on the game it offers, with the goal of collecting 15 cards, the game actually tests how well your family members know each other.
18. SW Villainous
In “Star Wars Villainous: Power of the Dark Side,” players pick a "Star Wars" villain to portray and are given a villain deck, a fate deck, a player board, and a 3D character. Each villain has their own abilities, missions, and storylines, providing countless ways for players to fulfill their evil destinies, defeat the Rebel Alliance, and rule the galaxy.
17. Blokus
Blokus (pronounced "block us") is like real-life Tetris, where each player receives 21 colored blocks they have to get rid of by placing them on the board, and you win by using the most pieces. Blokus has straightforward rules that can be easily picked up by the youngest family members and takes around 20 to 30 minutes per round.
16. Double Ditto
This game requires a card to be drawn from 400 category cards and its contents to be read aloud, with all players having 15 seconds to write down two different responses to it that they think other players may write. If one of your answers syncs with another player, that's Ditto, and if both of your answers match with other players, that's Double Ditto.