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The 20 Best Downton Abbey Characters Ranked
20. Martha Levinson
Compared to her prim and proper European in-laws, Martha Levinson's (Shirley MacLaine) freethinking American mindset and unfiltered thoughts are quite entertaining to behold. However, it's her confidence that makes her a remarkable woman and cherished character on "Downton Abbey," who always shakes things up when needed.
19. Robert Crawley
Robert Crawley (Hugh Bonneville) is often remembered for his failures rather than his successes, including his poor parenting and financial decisions. However, he is a great character because of his emotional evolution, and he takes responsibility for his actions on a show where much of the cast refuses to apologize for anything.
18. Isobel Grey
Isobel Grey (Penelope Wilton) is a skilled nurse from a talented family who values helping those in need. She is a career-focused woman and offers a new perspective on the rich members of the household, while giving a voice to the underserved members of the community; her moral compass is unique and a great addition to "Downton Abbey."
17. William Mason
Thomas Howes's William Mason is fondly remembered as the wide-eyed, easy-going, piano-playing footman who always found a way to overcome his trials. His greatest strength was his loyalty to those he trusted, a quality that made many of Downton's residents admire him, and despite his sad ending, fans continue to carry on the endearing William's legacy.
16. Joseph Molesley
Joseph Molesley's (Kevin Doyle) ability to triumph over hurdles makes him a great teacher to his students and a fantastic friend to the Downton staff. From helping Daisy study for her exams to giving Miss Baxter the courage to face her struggles, Molesley proves that you can achieve anything, even when the odds are stacked against you.