"Exeter, United Kingdom - September 19, 2012: A United States used Postage Stamp showing the Comic Book Superhero Batman, printed and issued in 2006"
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The 20 Best Batman Comics You Need To Read
The Dark Knight Returns
In Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns,” Bruce Wayne is forced out of retirement and must deal with a dystopian Gotham City riddled with crime at the hands of a gang known as the Mutants. The comic series both reinvented and reinvigorated Batman, introducing the paramilitary-equipped vigilante found in modern comics and movies.
Son of the Demon
Beautifully illustrated by Jerry Bingham, "Son of the Demon" is like a fast-paced action movie, impeccably plotted and paced by writer Mike W. Barr. It is one of the best stories about the League of Assassins and introduces a character who would become critical to the Batman mythos years later: Damian Wayne.
A Death in the Family
This series featured a unique gimmick — audiences were given the ability to vote whether Robin, aka Jason Todd, would live or die. Regardless of the publicity stunt, it's a powerful story. The Joker has rarely been more chilling, and the beating he gives Robin is absolutely brutal, especially for a mainstream comic.
The Killing Joke
Alan Moore’s “The Killing Joke” gives the Joker the closest thing to an origin story the character has ever had as he sets out to prove to Batman it only takes “one bad day” to drive a man insane by torturing Commissioner Gordon. While “The Killing Joke” does have issues, it’s well-written and drawn and has had lasting effects on the DC universe.
Arkham Asylum
Batman confronts his most deadly enemies in “Arkham Asylum” after his adversaries have taken over the building and threatened to kill its staff. Dave McKean’s hand-painted art style gives Batman and his villains exaggerated and monstrous features, making “Arkham Asylum” a truly unique piece of work that is unlike any other Batman story.