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The 18 Most Underrated Episodes Of The Simpsons
18. S4, E21
"Marge in Chains" is a wonderful episode because it showcases how essential Marge is to the fabric of the family. After Marge accidentally shoplifts at the Kwik-E-Mart and lands herself behind bars, they realize just how much they need her and ‌how much she deserves their love and respect.
17. S6, E9
"Homer Badman" is from one of the most popular seasons in the series, but is often overlooked because of the other favorites. This episode features some of the most socially incisive commentary the series has ever done.
16. S7, E14
“Class Struggle” is an interesting episode, beginning with a broken TV and ending with an exploration of class discrepancies. It's one of the most astute looks at class "The Simpsons" has ever done, as the episode explores the lengths Marge will go to fit in.
15. S9, E22
"Trash of the Titans" is a hilarious, ridiculous, and riotous episode that has it all. It's both funny and depressing to see Homer compete to become the sanitation commissioner since the episode illustrates how elections are more of a popularity contest than an attempt to improve things.
14. S9, E23
In "King of the Hill," Homer decides to get himself fit and change his life for good. We witness Homer's commitment, and it is extremely gratifying to watch him fight against all odds to climb Springfield's tallest mountain, the Murderhorn.