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The 18 Best Conspiracy Thrillers Ranked
18. Videodrome
“Videodrome” is a body horror classic about a man getting wrapped up in a government conspiracy aiming to control people. It all starts with a graphic snuff film protagonist Max Renn wants to air on his UHF station, and ends just as bloody as it began.
17. The Man …
Ben and Jo McKenna are tasked with uncovering an assassination plot to save the life of their son in “The Man Who Knew Too Much.” One of Hitchcock's most charming films, the movie does a great job showing what happens when regular people are swept up in deadly chaos.
16. Capricorn One
“Capricorn One” is a satirical play on the conspiracy that the moon landing was fake and focuses on three astronauts who were removed from a faulty ship before it launched for Mars. The movie has an impressive cast and is a fun exploration of outlandish speculation.
15. Sneakers
“Sneakers” is a disturbingly relevant film in our digital age, following a group of computer hackers who stumble upon important code-breaking software. The government tries to steal the software from the hackers, and the movie is a haunting reminder of how fragile privacy can be.
14. Winter Soldier
“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” might be a Marvel movie, but it’s an espionage thriller at its core. The movie shows what happens when the government uses extreme militarization to disguise fear as freedom and pits two warring political agencies against each other.