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The 18 Best Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episodes Ranked
18. Debbie
Guest star Vanessa Bayer shines as Officer Debbie Fogle during Season 7, Episode 5, where she steals an enormous amount of cocaine from the precinct with plans to deliver it to a crime boss. Highlights include absurd dialogue surrounding what Rosa would do “if she could do anything to Mr. Bean.”
17. The Big House
The first two episodes in Season 5 feature Andy Samberg's “Popstar” co-star Tim Meadows as Caleb, Jake's cellmate, when Jake is framed for murder and sent to jail in South Carolina. Meadows’ casual delivery of Caleb's crazy dialogue makes him memorable as the nonchalant cannibal criminal.
16. Ding Dong
Season 7, Episode 7 revolves around the death of Madeline Wuntch, played by Kyra Sedgwick. As one last trick, Wuntch has placed Holt in charge of her funeral, and seeing him grapple with his conflicting emotions about her passing is great fun and, occasionally, thought-provoking.
15. Four Movements
Season 6, Episode 4 is Gina’s swan song, “Four Movements,” named for the four-part interpretive dance she performs upon giving her two weeks' notice and the four “Gina moments” she has before leaving. The episode epitomizes Gina's character, and Chelsea Peretti gives a stellar goodbye performance.
14. Jake & Amy
The wedding of Jake and Amy in Season 5, Episode 22 includes a long list of tropes typical of rom-com and sitcom weddings, including everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Nonetheless, these qualities are endearing as the episode smartly fits Jake and Amy's relationship with a pace that never stops.