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The 16 Worst Things Actors Had To Do For Horror Movies
Forced to Scare Kids
It’s no secret that Bill Skarsgård, who plays Pennywise in “It,” struggled with having to terrify child extras, especially with their parents around. During takes while in character, his conscience would come into play, causing him to think, “What am I doing? [...] This is horrible.”
Live Bees as Co-stars
Actor Tony Todd is a horror legend, partly for his performance as the classic villain in 1992's horror epic "Candyman." For the role, he was often covered in bees on his face and in his mouth, which earned him a $23,000 bonus due to the 23 stings he got during filming.
Covered in Raw Meat
Captain Rhodes has a brutal, iconic death scene in “Day of the Dead,” where a crowd of the undead tear him in half and feast on his guts. Unfortunately, a storage mishap meant actor Joseph Pilato had to endure being literally covered in rotten animal pieces under hot film set lights.
Cold and Miserable
The low-budget horror masterpiece “The Evil Dead” had crew members and actors quitting as money kept running out. The cabin had no running water, heat, or anything, and the 12-week shoot had actors, particularly star Bruce Campbell, so miserable that they didn’t really have to act much.
Filthy Costumes
Gunnar Hansen famously brought Leatherface to life in “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre,” with the low-budget movie having been filmed during a sweltering Texan summer. The cast all wore the same clothes each day, for sometimes longer than 26 hours, which easily had their stomachs churning.