CIRCA 1992: Actor Marco Leonardi and  actress Lumi Cavazos in a scene from the Miramax movie "Like Water for Chocolate" circa 1992. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)
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The 16 Best Food Movies, Ranked
16. Chef
A deeply personal, borderline vanity project for writer, director, and star Jon Favreau, "Chef" takes his real enthusiasm for food and cooking and builds a narrative around it. The film's biggest strength is that it's a showcase for street food, and the biggest drag is that it revolves way too much around Twitter, which feels like extremely obtrusive product placement.
15. Julie & Julia
The film is an adaptation of chef Julia Child's autobiography, "My Life in France," and Julie Powell's best-selling book based on her attempts to cook all 524 recipes in Child's cookbook. The film cuts between Powell's life in a tiny Queens apartment in 2002 and Child's life in 1950s and 1960s Paris, but it fails to explore either woman's life in enough depth.
14. Pig
"Pig" is about the power of real, unfussy ingredients cooked by people who care about the food and the people who will eat it, and about a meal so good it can live on in the memory for decades. It's packed with Nicolas Cage's Oscar-worthy performance, impressive supporting turns from David Knell and Alex Wolff, and some incredibly emotional scenes.
13. Eat Drink Man...
In Ang Lee's family drama "Eat Drink Man Woman," the preparation of the Sunday dinners is a visual delight, with an incredible amount of fish and meat on view. Watching different generations sit down for a Sunday dinner and hearing the kind of conversations that take place shows that food and family are universal themes.
12. Babette's Feast
This Danish film, set in an isolated religious community in Jutland in the 1800s, is mostly about struggling to survive on meager provisions — until the final act provides a decadent French feast. As with many foodie films, the pleasure comes from witnessing the preparation and consumption of the wonderful dishes.