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The 16 Best Ewan McGregor Movies, Ranked
16. osage county
"August: Osage County" is an ensemble comedy-drama adapted from Tracy Letts' play of the same name. Ewan McGregor has a smaller role within the larger cast, but manages to paint his character, estranged husband Bill, as a whole and empathetic person, which is quite a feat in a film full of such unlikable, unredeemable characters.
15. The Impossible
"The Impossible" recounts the true story of a family who survived the aftermath of 2004's Indian Ocean tsunami against all odds. McGregor plays Henry, the patriarch of the family, and though the film is a bit trite in terms of the natural disaster story genre, he provides one of the most heartbreaking and human portrayals of his career.
14. Black Hawk Down
Ridley Scott's ensemble war drama retells the true story of a group of U.S. Army Rangers deployed to Mogadishu to depose a Somali warlord. McGregor portrays Grimes, a rookie soldier who is usually tasked with making coffee for higher-ranked Rangers, and even in a small role, McGregor imbues his character with a charming naivete.
13. Miles Ahead
In this musical biopic, jazz icon Miles Davis (Don Cheadle) crosses paths with intrepid Rolling Stone journalist Dave Braden (McGregor), who is determined to write about Davis, no matter what it takes. McGregor gives a steady performance and lends humanity to Dave's somewhat greasy character in a way that only he can.
12. Moulin Rouge!
McGregor's Christian believes anything can be accomplished through the power of love, and he doubles down on this when he meets Satine, the star courtesan at the Moulin Rouge. She has many better-positioned suitors and is determined not to fall for the poor Christian, but his charm wins her heart and that of the audience.