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The 16 Best Don Cheadle Movies, Ranked
16. Hotel for Dogs
"Hotel for Dogs" isn't regarded as a classic, but the film would not be nearly as effective if it wasn't for Don Cheadle's performance. He plays the sensitive social worker Bernie Wilkins and the straight portrayal channeled by Cheadle helped the film's focus on orphaned children appear more impactful.
15. Civil War
"Captain America: Civil War" allowed Cheadle to do more with James Rhodes, aka War Machine. The natural camaraderie between Downey Jr. and Cheadle provides laughs that don't diminish the story's dramatic weight, and Cheadle does a great job at showing how, even though Rhodes is injured, he is still moving forward.
14. Crash
“Crash” may have won the Best Picture Oscar at the 78th Academy Awards, but it has not stood the test of time. However, the one silver lining is Don Cheadle’s portrayal of quiet rage through his character Detective Graham Waters gives “Crash” some legitimacy in its commentary on race.
13. Traitor
In the 2008 espionage film "Traitor," Cheadle stars as former U.S. soldier Samir Horn, whose family was killed in a car bombing when he was a child. It showcased Cheadle’s inherently empathetic quality that makes him well-suited to play characters that evoke sympathy.
12. Hamburger Hill
John Irvin's 1987 Vietnam War epic "Hamburger Hill" does an admirable job of depicting the perspective of Black soldiers. Cheadle plays Private First Class Elliott Washburn who is the heart of the movie, starting off as a young, spirited rookie and ending it as a battle-hardened veteran.