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The 16 Best Christopher Walken Movies, Ranked
16. The Jungle Book
Although "The Jungle Book" remake cut out a lot of the musical numbers, Christopher Walken got to perform his own version of "I Wan'na Be Like You." His strange accent makes the scene slightly unnerving in a comedic way, where neither the audience nor Mowgli knows if they can trust Louie entirely.
15. Jersey Boys
Although there's joy in seeing the musical numbers treated with such reverence in "Jersey Boys," the film does not overlook the controversies in the band's life and their relationship with the mafia. This made Walken's performance as the Genovese Family mobster Angelo DeCarlo critical to strike the right tonal balance.
14. Hairspray
Walken played Wilbur Turnblad in "Hairspray" and even though he is hardly a perfect man, his warm attitude toward his daughter Tracy Turnblad makes him one of the more endearing characters of the film. Walken is moving in the musical number "You're Timeless To Me," which he sings with John Travolta.
13. Sleepy Hollow
Walken appears in a flashback scene as the ruthless mercenary who is beheaded and transformed into the "Headless Horseman" that would haunt the village of Sleepy Hollow for the next few decades. Although he's only briefly in the film, Walken is unforgettable.
12. A View To A Kill
"A View To A Kill" is one of the weakest installments in the James Bond franchise, but Walken's performance as the villainous psychopath Max Zorin is so completely ludicrous that it makes the film worth watching. He is so much fun that the film transcends the "so bad it's good" category.