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The 16 Best '80s Action Movies Ranked
16. Above The Law
Steven Segal made an incredible debut as the aikido expert Nico Toscani in “Above the Law,” a film with tons of martial arts and epic monologues. Director Andrew Davis framed Segal’s character like a neo-noir vigilante who needs nothing but his hands to get the job done.
15. Octopussy
Roger Moore wanted to retire before the oddly named, crowd-pleasing “Octopussy” hit theaters, but eventually decided to reprise his role as James Bond for the film. The franchise had a history of being a few years behind pop culture, but “Octopussy” still had plenty of thrills.
14. Cobra
Sylvester Stallone claimed the inspiration for “Cobra” was a simple question: “What if Bruce Springsteen had a gun?” Stallone could not have been any more wrong in his answer, but he still looks cool as his character Marion Cobretti faces off against an ax-clanging cult.
13. Lethal Weapon 2
The original “Lethal Weapon” might be a better film overall, but “Lethal Weapon 2” makes for a much better action movie. After writer Shane Black quit the film, director Robert Donner was left to his own devices and spent most of the budget creating massive explosions and chaos.
12. Righting Wrongs
Yuen Biao puts his martial arts skills to great use in “Righting Wrongs” as a lawyer and vigilante. The movie constantly escalates simple conflict to intense action sequences, but the best way to watch it is by seeking out the original Hong Kong cut.