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The 15 Worst Sci-Fi Movies Of The 21st Century
(So Far)
FF: The Spirits Within
The video game developer SquareSoft (Square-Enix) took a bold chance by creating “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within,” a movie that featured an excellent voice cast and gorgeous visuals. Unfortunately, the story is nonsense and has almost no connection to the “Final Fantasy” video game franchise.
Pluto Nash
“The Adventures of Pluto Nash” could have been great with Eddie Murphy leading an all-star cast and the vision of director Ron Underwood, known for his cult classics, “Tremors” and “City Slickers” behind it. But the movie has no thematic heart, the twists are nonsensical, and it's about as funny as “Dunkirk.”
“Stealth” is a film of generically pretty people testing an AI-controlled craft that goes rogue and features a shoehorned love story, delivering a miserable time for the viewer. When compared to other films that explore stories about political corruption and military overreach, the film falls flat with its absurdly bad science and shoddy military tactics.
The Last Knight
Michael Bay’s 2017 film continues the character assassination of the beloved Optimus Prime when it strips him of his unshakable faith. The bizarre choices didn’t stop there: Morgan la Fay is reimagined as a robot sorceress named Quintessa, King Arthur's knights are involved, and whoever greenlit The Order of Witwiccans should step on a Lego once a day.
After Earth
Will and Jaden Smith play a father and son in “After Earth,” but it feels like the two have never met before the first day of filming. That isn’t the only problem, however, as the film features a basic plot filled with outdated science fiction tropes and terrible characters names like Cypher Raige.