American actor Humphrey Bogart (1899 Ð 1957) in the 1940's (Photo by Pictorial Parade/Archive Photos/Getty Images)
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The 15 Greatest Humphrey Bogart Movie Moments
15. “Tap, Tap, Tap”
Humphrey Bogart had played many a villain before, but it wasn’t until “High Sierra” that he proved his leading man credentials as bank-robber Roy Earle. The film’s most memorable moment comes when Earle simultaneously intimidates and reassures a fellow robber into compliance by telling the story of a Tommy gun that went “tap, tap, tap,” while tapping the table.
14. La Vie En Rose
Bogart notoriously didn’t enjoy filming “Sabrina,” but manages to give a warm performance as the businessman Linus who tries to keep his playboy brother away from Sabrina by taking her out on dates himself. The most tragically moving scene comes when Sabrina sings “La Vie En Rose” to him, and the two realize they can never really be together despite their love.
13. Reunited
In “The African Queen” opposite Katherine Hepburn as Rose, Bogart plays Charlie Alnutt, who is captured by the Germans and sentenced to death. Charlie is subdued in his capture until he learns that Rose is alive, and the unbridled joy on Bogart’s face is infectiously moving. Although the ending is trite, Hepburn and Bogart complement each other beautifully.
12. Bookshops
In “The Big Sleep” follows Bogart as detective Phillip Marlowe while he goes undercover to expose the illicit activity behind a dodgy bookstore. Despite the overcomplicated plot, the movie is at its best when Marlowe does a stakeout across the street, where he confides in the shop assistant, and the two share a bottle of whisky, mixing business with pleasure.
You Know How To Whistle…
In “To Have and Have Not” Bogart stars opposite Lauren Bacall, and their chemistry is palpable. In the most famous scene, Bacall sits on Bogart’s lap, kisses him, and then utters to an entranced Bogart, “You know how to whistle don’t you Steve? You just put your lips together and blow.” Once Bacall leaves, Bogart sits there, stunned, and then whistles playfully..