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The 15 Greatest Film Trilogies Of All Time Ranked
15. Captain America
The only franchise within the MCU that has routinely delivered excellence is "Captain America." Each film continues the overall Marvel universe but tells a character-centric story centering around how Steve Rogers responds to a changing environment.
14. Austin Powers
While some may scoff at the inclusion of parody films on the list, crafting a great comedy sequel is no easy task. It's difficult to craft a follow-up that has the same sense of humor without simply repeating all the jokes, and a trilogy of enjoyable comedies is a miracle.
13. Star Trek
The inspired reboot trilogy made "Star Trek" feel fresh again as it introduced an alternate version of history which allowed new versions of the characters to have their own journey. From first meetings, to villain reintroductions, and the anxieties about living up to a father’s legacy, “Star Trek” gets it right.
12. Spider-Man (Raimi)
Above all else, Sam Raimi understood that Peter Parker was a relatable character who had to tackle growing up and falling in love amidst his responsibilities as a costumed hero. Tobey Maguire captured Peter's innocence and geeky charisma, and Raimi's blend of practical and digital effects still holds up today.
11. Bill and Ted
For many years, fans thought “Bill and Ted” would never receive its proper conclusion. Development of a third film had stalled for almost three decades before 2019's "Bill and Ted Face The Music" finally ended the journey of time traveling musicians Bill S. Preston and Ted Logan.