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The 15 Funniest Moments In The Simpsons, Ranked
15. Hank Scorpio's plans
"The Simpsons" provided the perfect 007 parody in the classic episode "You Only Move Twice," which made fun of the various Bond cliches. Albert Brooks guest stars as Hank Scorpio, a ridiculous supervillain who places Homer in charge of a nuclear system, and what’s so hilarious is how oblivious everyone is to Scorpio’s evil plan.
14. Grimes Goes Crazy
In “Homer’s Enemy,” Homer's laziness and incompetence at his job irritate his newly hired colleague, Frank Grimes, who is blamed for a workplace accident that is Homer’s fault. Grimes' rant about Homer's refusal to change is hilarious, especially since Homer is clueless, and Grimes' accidental death remains one of the darkest jokes on the show.
13. The Springfield Files
In "The Springfield Files" Homer reports an alien sighting, and investigating it are none other than David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as their characters from “The X-Files.” Homer's comic attempts to make contact with the aliens are hilarious, and Duchovny and Anderson’s seriousness as their characters makes his incompetence stand out even more.
12. The Poochie Fad
In "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show," Homer lands the role of Poochie on "Itchy & Scratchy” but fails to impress the show’s loyal audience. He elicits such anger from the fans that the network decides to remove the character, and it’s amusing to watch Homer get ostracized from the community for being involved with the Poochie character.
11. The Shinning
In "The Shinning," which parodies Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining," the Simpson clan is tasked with taking care of Mr. Burns' lavish estate, but without a television connection and a beer purge, Homer goes into a Jack Torrance-esque rage. The parody concludes perfectly with Homer chasing his family around the house with an ax, bringing us a dose of dark humor.