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The 15 Funniest Moments In The Office, Ranked
15. Pam’s Weight
After Pam steps off the scale and the number drops in the weight-loss competition episode of “The Office,” everyone goes quiet as they try to calculate her weight. A slow-panning shot of everyone trying (and failing) to do the mental math proves sometimes silence can be hilarious.
14. Kelly's Resolution
Kelly decides to set up a New Year’s resolution board in Season 7 and things unsurprisingly get out of hand. Kelly shouts about being pregnant when Meredith pulls out a cigarette, and the camera cuts to Kelly’s “get more attention by any means necessary” resolution on the board.
13. Oscar's Accent
While playing a murder mystery game in the office, Michael demands Oscar put on a Savannah accent to liven things up as he gives a special announcement. The accent that comes out of Oscar’s mouth is so absurd and startlingly high-pitched, it’s impossible not to laugh at it.
12. Michael And The Mob
Michael insists the Italian salesman he meets in “Season 6” is a member of the mafia, which leads to a hilarious scene where they share lunch. Michael orders the non-existent “gabbagool” and side salad for lunch, claiming he sends the salad back if it’s on top.
11. Phyllis’ Jugs
Phyllis is typically a pretty shy and reserved character, but she finally found her confidence in the “Weight Loss” episode. When pondering what people like best about her, she turns to the camera and shocks viewers with her response and says, “probably my jugs.”