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The 15 Best Wilderness Horror Movies, Ranked
15. The Evil Dead (1983)
"The Evil Dead" is the original spam-in-a-cabin flick. After the only bridge leading to the cabin is destroyed, there is no escape route. As director Sam Raimi ramps up the gooey goings-on inside the cabin, the simple notion of being trapped with evil jars the hell out of the audience.
14. Antichrist (2009)
Lars Von Trier's film is a bizarre twist on the biblical story of Adam and Eve, though their Eden eventually becomes a total nightmare. In the Bible, Eve is responsible for all evil being unleashed upon the world, and the film’s lead female character is similarly a conduit for the darkest parts of humanity.
13. The Ruins (2008)
"The Ruins" follows two American couples and some German tourists on a vacation to Mexico, where they are ambushed before finding themselves trapped in vines. Ruthlessly graphic, the film follows the group as they have to mutilate their own bodies, engage in amputations, and even perform mercy killings to free themselves of these predatory vines.
12. Rituals (1977)
"Rituals" genuinely unnerves by mixing natural obstacles with man-made terrors. While the film shows its age a bit with its inadvertently dorky script and grainy photography, it ultimately proves itself an original with a bleak third act that pulls zero punches and a great performance by Hal Holbrook.
11. Razorback (1984)
Filmmaker Russell Mulcahy brings a distinctive cinematic eye to "Razorback," and while it's far from perfect, it's certainly among the best-looking nature horror films out there. Just like the Australian Outback, the film’s beauty belies its danger, and real-life reports of wild animals carrying off children at the time of its release made this a disturbing and effective setting for a horror film.