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The 15 Best Toy Story Easter Eggs, Ranked
15. Mickey Mouse Clock
"Toy Story" joins a growing list of Disney movies that feature hidden Mickeys. If you look closely to the background of Andy's room, you can see a Mickey Mouse shaped clock hanging on the wall, giving a fun little nod to the house the mouse built.
14. Boo from Monsters Inc
"Toy Story 4" is so packed with Easter eggs that if you blink, you'll-miss-it. Boo from “Monsters Inc” appears in Bonnie's class and again in the carnival scene; she can be hard to spot in both instances, but those pigtails and purple shirt are dead giveaways.
13. Tim Allen's toolbox
Sid operated and tortured his toys, and he required a variety of equipment for these deeds. In honor of Tim Allen, who played the roles of Buzz Lightyear and Tim Taylor on "Home Improvement," there is a toolbox with the recognized logo of Binford Tools, the fictional tool supply company.
12. Pixar's origins
In a scene from "Toy Story 2," Andy's toys devise a plan to save Woody, who is trapped at Al's Toy Barn, and they doodle on an Etch A Sketch a map with the location 1001 West Cutting Boulevard in Richmond, California. This is a cute nod to the precise location of one of Pixar Studios' original homes.
11. Coco gets a nod
The “Toy Story 4” gang find themselves lost at a carnival and up for grabs on a prize wall. Eagle-eyed Pixar fans will notice that it's possible to win a toy guitar that has the same design as the one Miguel teaches himself how to play in "Coco."