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The 15 Best Submarine Movies Ranked
15. The Life Aquatic with...
Audiences and critics consider "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" Wes Anderson’s worst movie, but for completists of the indie auteur, it's not a bad way to spend two hours. It's all a bit like an abstract watercolor the artist just couldn't stop painting, and yet, in the right mood, it's all kinds of magical.
14. Below
If you're hankering for an underwater thriller for movie night, the ghost plot of "Below" makes it worth the watch. "Below" is an extremely cheesy movie and has no A-list stars, but it was co-written by indie-auteur superstar Darren Aronofsky and has some of the stylish director's moody quirks.
13. Sphere
1998’s "Sphere" may only feature some submarines, but it has all the elements of the subgenre. It creates the atmosphere of a claustrophobic fight against the oceanic elements and a badly devolving morale among the crew as the walls close in.
12. K-19
"K-19: The Widowmaker" is egregiously long, and Harrison Ford sounds like he's from Moscow by way of Los Angeles. However, the strength of "K-19" is as a diorama about the collapse of the Soviet Union, through the depiction of its crew members trying to prevent an inevitable catastrophe.
11. Greyhound
"Greyhound" is admittedly only a semi-submarine movie, but crucially tells the story of these underwater assassins from the anxious above-water side. The movie's action is borrowed from various historical encounters throughout the Battle of The Atlantic during World War II.