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The 15 Best Strategy Board Games Ranked
1. Twilight Imperium
“Twilight Imperium” Fourth Edition and its expansion “Prophecy of Kings” will have you and up to five friends competing for control of the galaxy through resource management and conquest. This classic example of the 4x genre will invite players to explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate throughout the map and is a must-try for any board game group.
2. Food Chain Magnate
A throwback to 1950s America, “Food Chain Magnate” has players becoming the CEO of a fast-food chain as they hire and train workers, invest in marketing, and supply burgers to the neighborhood. Players must manage their workforce and budget while trying to expand their presence to more households, with the winner being the wealthiest player.
3. Brass: Birmingham
Players of “Brass: Birmingham" become captains of industry during England’s Industrial Revolution as they build their commercial networks, develop and play new industries, and put themselves in debt with the bank. The game requires the players to strategically plan ahead, or else their era-specific technologies will become obsolete, setting the player back.
4. Gloomhaven
Players take on the role of adventurers in “Gloomhaven” and cooperatively complete missions for the town as the heroes get new equipment, manage their skills, and build a deck of abilities specific to their class. As the players progress, their characters will retire after completing their goals, making the party change and evolve throughout the game.
5. Scythe
Set in an alternative 1920s, “Scythe” has players navigate the board, collect resources, and manage units to claim control of The Factory in this steampunk-themed world. “Scythe” offers players different styles and strategies when playing the game, giving you multiple options to win, like focusing on resource management or waging wars.