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The 15 Best Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror Segments, Ranked
15. Nightmare Cafeteria
While most of the “Treehouse of Horror” segments are funny more than scary, “Nightmare Cafeteria” is genuinely disturbing as the faculty of Springfield Elementary decide to kill and eat the students one by one. It has many hilarious moments and quotable lines, but the segment can sometimes be a little too nauseating to watch.
14. Night of the Dolphin
When Lisa decides to free a dolphin named Snorky from captivity, she inadvertently starts a war between humans and the dolphins, which are trying to reclaim the land for themselves. This segment is a parody of “The Birds,” “The Day of the Dolphin,” and “Jaws” — and reaches the same heights as “The Simpsons” classic era.
13. Life’s a Glitch, Then You Die
Unsurprisingly, Homer causes the apocalypse after he forgets to fix the computers at the nuclear power plant, causing a Y2K virus to spread to other computers worldwide. “Life’s a Glitch, Then You Die” gives the audience an entertaining view of what some feared would happen with computers at the start of the new millennium.
12. Hungry Are the Damned
Inspired by “The Twilight Zone,” “Hungry Are the Damned” sees the Simpsons taken in by a pair of suspiciously friendly aliens, whom Lisa accuses of evil intentions after finding a book titled “How to Cook Humans.” This marks the two aliens’ first appearance on the show and is one of the few times they’re characterized as friendly and well-meaning.
11. Reaper Madness
“Reaper Madness” follows Homer after he becomes the personification of Death, in a segment that feels like it came from the classic era of “The Simpsons.” Many great moments are found throughout this story and filled with dark humor, like when Homer demonstrates his powers to Bart’s class by using a homeless person.