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The 15 Best Simpsons One-Off Characters Ranked
15. Quilloughby
Quilloughby, featured in the episode "Panic on the Streets of Springfield," is a thinly-veiled parody of the famously prickly singer Morrissey. The usually distinctive Benedict Cumberbatch disappears into the role, giving the cynical warbler a wry tone and floppy disdain that makes him a
noteworthy creation.
14. C. J. Lampwick
Regardless of the bumps in the road of his rags-to-riches story, Chester J. Lampwick maintains an even keel, and Kirk Douglas' stern steadiness breathes life into the miscreant. Lampwick's grumpy triumphs are inspirational, in that fractured "Simpsons" sort of way, and make him a shoo-in for inclusion here.
13. Vicki Valentine
Miss Vicki demotes Lisa to curtain-puller and takes the recital's lead role, stealing the spotlight from her eight-year-old pupils in "Last Tap Dance in Springfield." Voice actor extraordinaire Tress MacNeille finds the venom behind the one-time movie moppet's mirth, making the trying tap-teacher one to remember.
12. Roy
Hank Azaria's Roy doesn't get to do much in "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show," but the barrenness of Roy's empty personality is the point. His completely unexplained arrival and ever-clichéd responses to the various goings-on at the Simpson household make him an endearing spoof of cheap television ploys.
11. Prof Lombardo
Jon Lovitz has been so great in his guest performances that "The Simpsons" keep bringing him back; however, his turn as Professor Lombardo, Marge's art teacher from "Brush with Greatness," is a cut above the rest. Lovitz's prodigious talent is on full display in the role of supportive instructor.