(Original Caption) Waist-up portrait of Sean Connery, as James Bond, caressing the barrel of a gun against the side of his face. Connery is wearing a tuxedo and bow tie and smiling slightly.
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The 15 Best Sean Connery Movies, Ranked
You Only Live Twice
As Sean Connery's first of three retirements from the role, "You Only Live Twice" doesn't quite have the excitement of previous Bond films, due to his evident disenchantment with the character. Despite that, it still has plenty to offer, including elaborate sets, high-tech gadgets, and a fascinating setting in Japan.
This is far from Alfred Hitchcock's best work, but “Marnie” has quite a few gripping sequences that prove the Master of Suspense hadn't lost his touch. In addition, Sean Connery adds an obsessive and almost perverse element to the character of Mark Rutland, while still bringing that classic charm he displayed as James Bond.
Robin and Marian
The choice of Sean Connery as an aging Robin Hood in “Robin and Marian” may seem strange, but he adds just the right amount of charm and maturity to the role. The melancholic romantic adventure film features Audrey Hepburn as Maid Marian who pairs perfectly with Connery, making for an unexpectedly sweet couple.
From Russia With Love
As James Bond, Sean Connery made an amazing first impression in "Dr. No," and here in "From Russia With Love," he brings more realism to the role, as well as the swagger we expect from Bond. This 007 ends up being quite relevant for its time, as it functions as both a fun espionage adventure film as well as a sharply made Cold War thriller.
Finding Forrester
Although "Finding Forrester" is a bit of a sappy tear-jerker in some parts, it's still an effective and touching coming-of-age film. While Sean Connery often plays larger-than-life characters, he deserves extra credit for his complex portrayal of William Forrester, a cantankerous and reclusive writer that starts to open up after meeting his new protegee.