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The 15 Best Mockumentaries, Ranked
15. Real Life
In Albert Brooks’ directorial debut, he parodies "An American Family” by filming a dysfunctional family for a year and also giving each member their own camera. The film culminates in one wild ending that cements "Real Life" as a pitch-black comedy about both the American family and obsession with a project.
14. Hard Core Logo
This music mockumentary is a wild ride as punk rock band Hard Core Logo reunites to do an anti-gun tour and does acid together with their crew. It’s also quite dark as it shows leader Joe Dick’s struggling with his mental illness.
13. Forgotten Silver
This mockumentary about a fake New Zealand director named Colin McKenzie was made to look like a real documentary portraying McKenzie as a pioneer who accidentally discovered the tracking shot and the close-up. They managed to dupe audiences, showing how easy it is to convincingly present falsehood as the “truth.”
12. I'm Still Here
Joaquin Phoenix's announcement that he was quitting acting to pursue a career in rap was all an elaborate hoax for his brother-in-law Casey Affleck’s mockumentary. The lengths Phoenix went to fool everyone are quite impressive including bizarre public appearances, and even doing a rap set in Miami.
11. Waiting For Guffman
This film is directed by Christopher Guest, who made a career out of being the master of the genre. The film follows Corky St. Claire as he assembles a ragtag group of locals to perform a musical about the history of their fictional town of Blaine, Missouri, all while deftly poking fun at the world of community theater in the process.