Marlon Brando, in character as Stanley Kowalski from Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire. Brando portrayed Kowalski in the 1952 film of the play directed by Elia Kazan.
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The 15 Best Marlon Brando Movies Ranked
15. Sayonara
The politics and race relations of "Sayonara" are deeply troubling and don't hold up to modern-era scrutiny. However, Marlon Brando’s Major Lloyd Guvner is still convincing as a man who slowly shifts his worldview over the course of the film without being overly preachy.
14. Viva Zapata
Brando's second film with director Elia Kazan follows a fictionalized account of the life of Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata (Brando). Even though "Viva Zapata" has huge issues of representation in casting, Brando showed that even at his worst, he can still deliver thoughtful performances.
13. The Score
"The Score" marks Brando's last feature film appearance before his death three years later. Brando’s character Max doesn't get much screen time, but he still delivers a funny and naturalistic performance, working particularly well with another screen legend, Robert DeNiro.
12. A Dry White Season
"A Dry White Season" is perhaps one of the more thoughtful political films that Brando made, depicting a privileged white man's journey to becoming involved in apartheid in South Africa. Brando’s character Ian McKenzie’s story culminates in a moving courtroom scene reminiscent of Gregory Peck's turn as Atticus Finch.
11. The Chase
A sprawling crime thriller, "The Chase" centers on the impact an escaped convict has on a small southern town. Brando’s Sheriff Calder may not be his most dynamic performance, but Brando still commands the screen with a quiet and commanding presence.