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The 15 Best Law &
Order: SVU Characters Ranked
15. Court Clerk
The court clerk played by Erica Bradshaw isn’t the only court clerk in the series, but she is one of the most consistent and appears in 20 episodes. Bradshaw’s court clerk is the unsung gem of the series, and without her distinctive lilt and recognizable voice reading out the list of charges, the series wouldn’t be the same.
14. Kathy Stabler
When Kathy Stabler was killed off in a crossover with “Law & Order: Organized Crime,” fans rejoiced at her death. While fans can waver from vicious to adoring, this reaction was unwarranted considering Kathy Stabler is an exceptional character with nuance and personality on her own as well as in her marriage to Detective Elliot Stabler.
13. Dominick Carisi, Jr.
When Detective Elliot Stabler left the series after Season 12, fans were worried, and had it not been for the addition of Dominick Carisi as a detective and later, an assistant district attorney, the show may have tanked. Carisi is fiercely loyal and wickedly smart, and thanks to Peter Scanavino’s acting, the character comes off as a fun and fresh addition to the team.
12. Judge Mary Clark
Despite appearing on the show for only a short while, Marlo Thomas as Mary Clark remains a highlight of the series. Whether serving as judge, acting as a mentor to Casey Novak, or working at her private practice, Mary Clark is always great, but Clark is at her best in the Season 5 episode “Poison,” in which she faces off against Judge Taft.
11. Rafael Barba
After a string of cast members came and went, “SVU” was entering its 14th season, and needed a character of considerable force to hold the series together. Enter Rafael Barba, a strong-willed, exceptionally intelligent, and no-nonsense ADA who made the perfect
foil to the squad, played by the
accomplished actor Raúl Esparza.