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The 15 Best James Caan Movies, Ranked
15. Rollerball
Set in the dystopian future of 2018, Caan stars as Jonathon E, a star rollerball player in a world where corporations have taken the place of governments, and the different regions compete against one another in the titular violent sport. The movie comes off as unintentionally funny with its retro setting and costumes, but Caan commits and carries the film.
14. Dogville
The far-out indie film “Dogville” features Nicole Kidman on the run and hiding from some gangsters in the small town of the same name, where she has to work tirelessly to please the locals who have taken her in. Caan delivers a bang as a kind of avenging angel known as “The Big Man,” in this theater-experiment-turned-movie.
13. Dick Tracy
An ambitious adaptation of the 1930s detective comic strip, “Dick Tracy” was a nearly-$50-million film with a star-studded cast, including Al Pacino, Madonna, and Warren Beatty. Caan joined the cast in a minor role as Spaldoni, one of the many warring gangsters, in this bold film that may have served as a template for other graphic novel adaptations.
12. The Yards
“The Yards” sees Caan as uncle Frank Olchin, the suspiciously connected union boss with whom ex-con Leo Handler (Mark Wahlberg) finds employment at the train yard. With such a long career, many moviegoers only know Caan's roles as elder criminal bosses, similar to “The Yards,” due to his memorable performances as the bad guys.
11. Bottle Rocket
The 1996 movie “Bottle Rocket” may have been the debut of director Wes Anderson, but it still features his light-hearted style, as two buffoons (Owen Wilson and Luke Wilson) hatch a “75-year plan” for a series of heists. In a role usually occupied by Bill Murray in Anderson’s films, Caan plays Mr. Henry, the warm father figure and boss of the incompetent crooks.