BEIJING, CHINA - JULY 28: Actor Jackie Chan attends 'Raging Fire' premiere on July 28, 2021 in Beijing, China. (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)
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The 15 Best Jackie Chan Movies Ranked
15. The Foreigner
“The Foreigner” has Jackie Chan playing an immigrant with a shady past whose skills come out on full display after his daughter is killed during a terrorist attack and he seeks revenge. The late-career film may be light on action, but Chan gives one of the most dramatic performances of his career as a dour man fueled by rage and capable of unleashing hell.
14. Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow
The oldest film on the list, “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow” marks the directorial debut of legendary martial arts choreographer Yuen Woo-ping, and it’s the movie where Chan first begins to develop his own style and personality. Its generic, barebones story serves only as a framework for Yuen’s choreography and Chan’s physicality.
13. Mr. Nice Guy
Originally planned as the fifth “Police Story,” Chan plays a celebrity chef who gets mixed up with the mob that believes Chan has evidence of their crime. “Mr. Nice Guy” is a blend of casual thrills and silliness with an explosive finale, but some might argue that this film, along with “Who Am I?,” marks the end of a guaranteed good time.
12. The Young Master
After his directorial debut a year prior, Chan learned much about pacing, character, and fight direction, which he implemented for “The Young Master.” There are small highlights throughout, but most notable are the beginning’s beautiful dance — with multiple performers moving a dragon-like paper lion — and the ending’s big fight.
11. Police Story IV: First Strike
The fourth entry in the series has Chan traveling worldwide on a mission filled with action, thrills, and overall silliness, as director Stanley Tong returns once more. Chan’s fighting genius is on full display, with the action hero participating in outrageous combat like snowboard brawls or an underwater fight interrupted by a hungry shark.