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The 15 Best Humphrey Bogart Movies Ranked
15. Dark Passage
“Dark Passage” is a so-bad-it’s-good film that comes off as a satire of the noir genre and uses the first-person perspective for a part of the film. Humphrey Bogart stars as an escaped convict but isn’t seen until the third act after his character gets plastic surgery to avoid capture, and the camera shifts to a conventional perspective.
14. The Desperate Hours
Bogart plays his most remorseless villain role since “The Petrified Forest.” The film's concept was called "not entirely original" by The New York Times in 1955. While that may be true, given that the prime of his career was in the ‘40s, this is only one of a handful of films that were shot in a crystal-clear widescreen aspect ratio.
13. Key Largo
A menacing gangster takes hotel guests trapped by a hurricane as hostages in the thriller “Key Largo.” The dialog-driven story inspired Quentin Tarantino when he wrote “The Hateful Eight,” and the movie has a stellar cast and hair-raising finale worth viewing — if you don’t mind films that are staged like plays.
12. Sabrina
To avoid some of the age gap awkwardness between Bogart and Audrey Hepburn, much of this amusing screwball comedy is wildly convoluted, seemingly to keep the two apart. Even though the film’s romantic tension falls flat, it is still a must-see; due to some genuinely funny scenes, and the fact that the film has period style in spades.
11. Sahara
In 1943's "Sahara," Bogart's famously rugged, plain-spoken grit makes him the perfect can-do soldier. In this remarkable war film, which brims with nostalgia for the period, a motley brotherhood of allies takes on an inhospitable world.