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The 15 Best Hot Ones Guests, Ranked
Padma Lakshmi
Lakshmi is just one of many gorgeous guests that appeared on “Hot Ones'' and conquered the wings without batting an eye. She made it look like child’s play, all while unpacking her iconic appearance on "Star Trek: Enterprise," as well as her tenure with "Top Chef” (definitely leaving host Sean Evans a little star-struck.)
Elizabeth Olsen
Olsen may not have been fazed by the wings of death, but her composure, charm, and offbeat brand of humor make for a wholesome watch. Long-suffering theater kids will likely feel very seen when she talks about Fitzmaurice Voicework, and she's got an arsenal of behind-the-scenes anecdotes for those without that niche knowledge.
John Boyega
Boyega (who is also a genuine fan of the show) made it through all 10 wings without water or milk. However, his reactions to the latter half of the board, and the fact that he unpacked all that “Star Wars” drama with his usual lighthearted flair, make episode one of the most enjoyable to watch.
Jon Bernthal
Bernthal’s conversation with Sean about masculinity in the media and his encouragement of people to be kind aren’t the only things that make his episode great. As the wings get hotter, his reactions to the spice get funnier, and if you already love Bernthal as an actor, it's impossible not to also love him as a person after this episode.
In this majorly underrated episode, the interview feels like a sit-down with an old friend. Thundercat takes down each wing without breaking much of a sweat, but his perspective on anime, music, and film is so entertaining that you don't really mind. In fact, his episode is actually one of Dave Grohl's personal favorites.