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The 15 Best Historical Epic Movies Ranked
15. Glory
1989’s “Glory” tells an important story about African American heroism during the Civil War. While the film would have been stronger if it showed the Black perspective, it's still a rousing epic that showed the incredible valor of the Union Army's first Black regiment.
14. Braveheart
Epic films can feel exploitative if they glorify graphic material, but the shocking violence in Mel Gibson's 1995 epic, "Braveheart," is justified. The film depicts the suffering of the Scottish under English rule and shows why they were inspired to rebel under the leadership of William Wallace.
13. The Wrath Of God
"Aguirre, The Wrath of God" was not filmed like a classical epic, but it has been heralded as one of the greatest films ever made. Director Werner Herzog used minimalist tactics to create a surreal, chaotic war film during the Spanish conquest of the Amazon in the 16th century.
12. Master & Commander
"Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" is one of the most accurate depictions of naval combat ever seen on-screen. Based on the series of novels by Patrick O'Brian, the film follows the adventures of Captain Jack Aubrey of the HMS Surprise during the Napoleonic Wars.
11. Gladiator
Ridley Scott reinvented the “sword and sandal” genre, which was popular during the Golden Age of Hollywood with the 2000’s "Gladiator." Loosely inspired by real events in Roman history, "Gladiator" featured thrilling sequences of ancient Roman combat and gladiators fighting to the death.