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The 15 Best Cary Grant Movies Ranked
15. Monkey Business
Grant plays a middle-aged scientist who invents a serum that makes you feel decades younger, but after testing it on himself, things quickly spiral out of control when he reverts to a second childhood. While not intellectually rigorous, this light-hearted film is thoroughly entertaining and features big names like Marilyn Monroe and Ginger Rogers.
14. She Done Him Wrong
Before becoming the leading man he was known as, Grant started out playing second fiddle to dominant female performers such as Mae West. In this film, Grant plays Captain Cummings, an FBI agent undercover as the leader of the local temperance league and one of West’s many suitors, and even in this supporting role, Grant’s charms are obvious.
13. I Was a Male War Bride
This film flips the script with Grant as a French army captain who begrudgingly marries a Women’s Army Corps officer in an effort to obtain a US visa. Of course, being a screwball comedy, things immediately go awry, and the film playfully subverts gender roles with Grant’s cross-dressing hijinks, deconstructing the anxiety around post-war masculinity.
12. Gunga Din
Grant may be known for his screwball comedies, but he also made a number of action-adventure films, like “Gunga Din.” Grant stars as a British sergeant in India who teams with the courageous Gunga Din to fight a band of murderers. Despite its problematic brownface, the film features an empathetic, well-rounded Indian character rather than a caricature.
11. Sylvia Scarlett
“Sylvia Scarlett” is the first of four occasions in which Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn teamed up, and features Hepburn as a cross-dressing con artist with Grant as a fellow rouge. Despite its lack of polish, the film is an interesting look at the early stages of this famous on-screen couple and is unique for its amount of queer subtext.